Korean Americans and a Multi-Cultural America

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Learning more about the Korean-American cultural attractions and opportunities that can be found in and around the Chicago area can be a very important concern, especially for those who are new to the area and in search of any opportunities that might allow them to celebrate their rich cultural heritage. From community centers and social opportunities to dining options and cuisine, knowing a little more about what this location has to offer will ensure that new citizens, visitors and (more…)

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The Effects of the Korean American Immigration

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Koreans have lived in Chicago since the 1920s, but it was not until the 1980s that Koreans were a large force in the city. Today, Koreans are a sizable population in the Windy City and contribute to its culture and cuisine.

Albany Park is Chicago’s “Koreatown” and is home to roughly half the city’s Korean residents. As in many American cities, Korean immigrants to this suburb started numerous small businesses, many of which can still be found today on (more…)

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The Korean American Immigration to the United States

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The United States hosts to many foreign people who come from all over the world. Most of the immigrants come to the United States seeking education in Chicago’s local colleges. The Korean American immigration laws must be understood by all foreign people. Most immigration and colleges have language translators to ensure that foreigners understand their visas.

It can be hard for a foreigner to adjust to the American way of life. The best way to immerse yourself in the culture is to spend a lot of time with American people.Check out this (more…)

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Approaching Korean Culture In The Work Environment

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Whatever your business – be it big or small – there is bound to be some diversity in your ranks and you might even find that one of your colleagues is of Korean descent. According to the latest statistics taken on business internet service use, as it stands, Korean-Americans make up one of the largest-growing minorities in the country. With so many entering the American work force, it can be difficult knowing how to approach one of Korean origin when it comes to their culture. While certainly not indicative of the race and culture as a whole, it is known that many Koreans tend to work very hard – even to the point of grossly overachieving. Many who have held jobs in their native country are even used to working nine to ten hour days. And that’s solid work, rarely stopping to eat, surf on internet, check or pay the TexasElectricityProviders.com bills, or even check email. Even in small businesses where we tend to use our t1 connection for business purposes, many Korean-American workers have avoided these services unless there is a clear connection between their use of these systems and a marked improvement on their production. Many Americans in this situation may have even invited their Korean co-worker out for a drink or dinner only to be rejected at every offer. The thing to remember here is that, most likely, this isn’t personal. It’s just that many Koreans possess tremendous work ethic and often put their work first before anything social and, frankly, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for your business.

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The Assimilation of the Korean America

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While some Korean Americans have found assimilation less of a hurdle, still for some, the process can be very difficult. With language and cultural barriers in place, making assimilation much more difficult, as well as certain traditions steeped in the Korean class structure, it is possible for Korean Americans to live and work within their communities without having to learn English. However, to many immigrants, true assimilation comes only with socioeconomic status and language attainment.

Korean Americans come to America for the very same reason all immigrants come here. (more…)

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The Korean American Work Ethic in the United States

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Korean Americans have a long history in the United States of America. In the America of today, their work ethic is highly valuable in the American workplace. Korean Americans have a work ethic that is admired by Americans of all backgrounds. What helps set Korean American workers apart from other Americans? Let’s take a closer look what makes their work ethic so outstanding.

Korean Americans tend to be very value conscious and are fiscally conservative. They also put a high value on education. These factors help to explain their work ethic, not only in America, but in Korea as well. (more…)

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Korean American Culture in the United States

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For many immigrants to the United States and for long-term, multi-generational citizens alike, finding harmony between preserving traditional cultural norms while acclimating to new and exciting cultural norms can be both challenging and exciting. Thankfully, the United States as a nation prides itself on its melting pot of cultures, ethnicity, races, beliefs and practices and eases the transition for many new citizens as well as providing many opportunities for preserving and celebrating traditions and practices from peoples all around the world. In particular, the United States is home to many citizens of Korean descent as well as many new citizens (more…)

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Korean American Communities from Sea to Sea

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Koreans and their descendants forms one of the largest groups of Oriental Americans, of which they form about 11 percent. Up until a point, there were very few of them indeed in the United States. But since the Korean War, thousands of refugees have poured in from Communist North Korea (which does not normally allow its citizens to leave the country). They, and their offspring, have included such professors as MIT’s Sebastian Seung; “Simpsons” co- producer Daniel Chun; R & B singer Lena Park; comedian Esther Ku; and innumerable others.

In the Chicago (more…)

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